Book Review: “Me Before You” by Jojo Moyes

It has been my habit to read the books first before viewing the film adaptations.  And there wasn’t a time that I loved the movie more than the book.  So let’s make this clear that I am reviewing the book and not the film relative to the book.  As of this writing, I haven’t seen the film.  

First, the plot.  I commend Jojo Moyes for coming up with a plot that is seldomly tackled in fictional romances.  No wonder, this story has been criticized by pro-life movements.  It is actually good that the author did tackle this issue rather than shoving it away as taboo. Let me stress the fact that this blogger wasn’t aware that there is such a place called Dignitas prior to reading this novel.    

Second, the setting.  The author drove around Scotland to find the best setting and she did a good job of transforming the beauty of the place into words and pages of a novel.  Fairy tales involve castles, but this is no fairy tale.  The setting was indeed a setting for “happy ever after.”  This made me look forward to happy ending.  

Third, the characters.  It may sound cliché, but a poor lady and a rich man has always been the way to go for romance novels.  The character of Louisa Clark seemed to be a totally stupid lass with very little dreams.  I don’t know about you, but I haven’t encountered any average girl who doesn’t have any vision of her future.  This is somewhat unrealistic.  It could have been realistic if the lady could have been a professional nurse – or probably the physician.  I understand that the author made it this way to feature the fact that Will’s existence in Louisa’s life had its own advantages for the girl’s part.  

What I love most about this novel is that it is such a slapping manner of portraying the fact that love ain’t all.  It won’t keep you alive.  It is not enough reason to hold on to a life of no quality at all.  Love isn’t enough.  Despite the protagonist being a good person, despite the good intentions, she didn’t win in the end.  This ain’t your typical happy ever after.  This is Mar Adentro portrayed in romance.  

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