Fastfood Review: Stoops Bagnet Ilocos


(This blog was originally written on November 22, 2016. This is a late upload)

With too much hate on Facebook regarding the Marcos burial, I decided to do away with writing my opinion about these things.

Why? First, I am in favor of having the dictator buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. For some reason, my family believed that Martial law was declared before to put an end to the chaos during that time. My lawyer grandfather worked as a government employee and we didn’t have anything personal against the Marcoses. When it was my uncle who finally became a lawyer himself, the dictator’s namesake was once his client too.

Second, I was born in 1984 and I rarely understood anything politically. My opinion didn’t matter anyway. Come my 2011 visit to Ilocos, all I felt about them was awe – especially at Madame’s “Alice Dixon” beauty. Who am I to lecture the society on what has been when I wasn’t even conceived during the martial law declaration. All I know is that my grandfather prohibited my mom from going to law school because the occupation didn’t pay much during martial law.

Third, I was raised in St. Scholastica’s Academy of Marikina. I entered pre-school at Miriam College Child Study Center for nursery, transferred to St. Scholastica for Prep, went back to Miriam for third and fourth grade and finally back at St. Scho for fifth grade until I graduated high school. These are the schools that are making noise around social media – with netizens claiming that the students’ involvement in the noise barrage as “child abuse.” Students from Miriam walked out of their classes and took their “battles” to the streets. I have a different stand on the issue from my “ka-baro’s” which made me start to think if I am already “jologs.”

With my “ka-baro’s” in the society having a different opinion from my opinion, I’d rather not delve in the political hate wars and prefer to talk about something much enjoyable – FOOD!!!

stoopslogoYou see, my 2011 visit to Ilocandia was one of the most memorable vacations I had in my life – so good that I organized a “take-two” in 2013, this time bringing with my my husband. Coincidentally, we were assigned the same driver from my previous vacation. Aside from the heritage sites, the FOOD was great! And with that placard saying, “No to Marcos, Yes to Ilocos Empanada,” I wasn’t able to contain my craving for Ilocano dishes.
As early as 11 am, I took my early lunch break, boarded a jeepney from my work place and proceeded to Stoop’s Bagnet Ilocos at the ground floor of Alphaland Southgate Mall. I have tried it once before and decided that this would be a “timely” review, given that Apo became the pillar of the North.



The basic value meal costs PhP105 for five chunks of bagnet, free soup, garlic rice and a choice of side dish such as KBL (Kamatis, Bagoong, Lasuna), KKB (Kamatis, Talbos ng Kamote, Bagoong) or TBA (Talong, Bagoong, Alamang). You can upgrade to spicy bagnet for PhP 10. As I have mentioned, I was literally longing for that Ilocano meal – I ordered dinengdeng on the side for PhP 45.


At first glance, you might think the meal is bitin, given that there were only five chunks of bagnet, but man! I was full! The dinengdeng was so authentic – I was wondering why I can’t copy it in my own kitchen!

My meal was worth every cent that I paid for! I just wish they had unlimited rice too since they are located right beside Mang Inasal.

Stoops Bagnet Ilocos so far has five branches: Alphaland, Visayas Avenue, Lancaster Imus, Malate and General Trias. Finally, I no longer have to drive 12 hours to have an authentic Ilocano meal! Too bad, the empanada was out of stock during my visit.

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