Give Patriotism and Secosana Bags a Chance…

I’ve once asked my husband to take me to Greenhills before Christmas comes as I wanted to have a “Class A” Coach.  He shrugged off the idea and reasoned out that there are other brands which I can afford the original.  I also brought up the idea of bringing him and my son to the US for a vacation, hopefully next year.  This means that we have to save up for their “show-money” for their visa interview. 

It is indeed a present Filipino norm to use fake Coach, Kate Spade and sport a Prada from Greenhills yet we laugh at an original Secosana.  Mind you, when my hubby and I commute, we are more comfortable with our washable and ever reliable Heartstrings bags.  We pay application fees for the US visa as high as a call center agent’s half month pay check and still have the uncertainty of getting approved.

For the past decade, nursing schools had an influx of enrollees not because we Filipinos care so much for the sick but because of nothing but the American dream.  We dream of settling in the US, driving our Ford Mustangs and have pancakes in exchange for our pandesal.  We’d prefer the aroma of spam over Adobo.

This is the reason why our hearts got broken when President Rodrigo Duterte delivered a speech in China about the severance of ties with the United States.  We are no longer a colony but still, our society look up to them as the land of milk and honey.  Some parents even have their children arranged for marriage with a citizen in the hopes of getting immigrant status in the long run.

We fail to realize that the reason why businesses are being outsourced from the US going to our shores is because of our mental giftedness.  We fail to realize that we have long been blind to the fact that it is time for us to finally break free from the stigma that the answer to our dreams and ambitions is landing a job in America.  We fail the take on the challenge for a truly independent Philippines.

The recent typhoon may have rendered the north useless but the government didn’t even seek financial aid from our neighbors.  This just proves that we can sustain our own needs, our own development.  We too, can be the land of milk and honey if we only give this administration a chance.  Let’s wait and see.  Probably Digong has a vision beyond what we could decipher as he pushes for this independent foreign policy.  Singapore also did go through the same stage and there was no looking back afterwards.

Let’s try dissing off those Kate Spades and Coaches from Greenhills and give our Heartstrings and Secosanas a chance.  Who knows, it might be worth it after all.

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