How I Handle Every Soup Craving

How I Handle Every Soup Craving

I grew up as a soup-lover.  I remember, as a child, that whenever I didn’t like food, the elders would beg me to at least, eat rice with the viand’s soup.  

As I came of age, food became one of my indulgences.  As a pre-teen, Pizza Hut’s mushroom soup was a staple to all my meals.  Come teenage years, I finally learned the art of fine dining.  Never was there a time that I skipped the soup – carefully spooning the chowders away from me in conformity with table etiquette.  There were absolutely no exceptions to my soup indulgence – even the free soup that was offered with budget meals in Manila’s student meal.  

My visit to San Francisco, California during the fall of 2005 took my soup-tasting hobby to another level.  Eating the world-known clam chowder at the Bay Area on a bread bowl became such a good memory that I sometimes wish I was in SanFo, sipping a bowl of clam chowder.  

Come married life, my husband knew exactly that no meal could go without soup for me.  My pregnancy cravings prompted him to bring home at least a bowl of the local “lugaw” whenever he came home.  He also knew that a bowl of soup could make me feel better on a not-so-good day.  

I gave birth but there are really days when I needed was to satisfy my craving for soup.  I have summed down the quick “fixes” for my soup cravings with three staples:

SnR’s Clam Chowder

For as low as PhP 89, I can fully satisfy my soup cravings.  But since this one is so good for the price, I think one bowl isn’t enough for me.  Even my non-soup loving husband loves it.  I have made attempts to find the best locally available clam chowder and nothing comes close to this cheap thrill.  It won’t make you feel full too soon – there’s still room for their sought-after pizza.  

Casually presented on a paper bowl that is also good for to-go,

Considering that we reside in San Mateo, Rizal, this one’s a good 40-minute drive from home since the nearest place where I could have it is from the UP Town Center.  

Qizia Café’s French Onion Soup

At PhP 65 pesos, you get more than what you paid for in this not-so-little bowl of heartwarming soup.  It has just the right mix of flavor – not too salty, not too sweet and not too creamy – just lovely.  

Tucked in the heart of Marikina City, Qizia Café is more than just the soup that I’m after.  If food-tripping is your vice, you’ll never go wrong at visiting them in the compound of SDS Medical Center.  Items are relatively cheap compared to fine dining restaurants, probably because they don’t pay any rent.  

I thought a bowl was enough for sharing between me and my toddler, but my son really loved it, we had to order separately!  

Wild Flour Café’s French Onion Soup

And now, for my pricey indulgence!  This one’s crafted with a more complicated recipe.  At PhP 275 per bowl, it is actually enough to spare me from hunger.  No regrets, I’d willingly pay for the price because this bowl of goodness is worth every peso.  At first glance, it’s mouthwatering, considering the amount of cheese that was baked over a slice of baguette over carefully caramelized onions.  One sip and you’re in heaven!  This is the kind of soup that you’ll carefully savor every spoonful!  

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